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Simply the
Finest Clothes
to Measure



Lillian Tony was established by clothing expert Betron Couch in 1999. Influenced by his father, Betron's love for hand tailored fashion began at an early age when his dad, Tony Couch, was recognized in a local Triad newspaper as one of the Best Dressed Men in Winston-Salem, NC.

betron childhood

Betron spent hours reading fashion magazines and working in
menswear in high end department stores and specialty shops for more
than a decade learning bespoke tailoring. Now he's taken his fashion
vision to the world, creating handmade ensembles within the
boundaries of the standards of proper dress.

Lillian Tony successfully merges personal taste with preeminent
style while finding ways to express the clients own individuality.
Every article of clothing, from vintage to made-to-order to bespoke,
will exude correctness, style and originality.

Lillian Tony, Simply the Finest Clothes to Measure.